Ripleys Silver Frost will be standing stud in 2019.  He is just one of Bunny Hickory Acres awesome foals.  His dam is Moore Id Joann.  If interested in breeding to this incredibly gifted, athletic stallion, contact us or email us.  A/A, Ee  89% Foundation  Stud Fee: $400 - $5 a day mare care after the first two weeks.

Some of Ripleys' off-spring

Ripley's Sire and siblings


Hickorys Acre x Docs Buckskin Bunny

2005 Buckskin Stallion

AQHA Registered #472346

NFQHA 89% Registered

Reiner, Roper and Cutter

Ripley's dam:  JoAnn Moore Id    89% NFQHA     38% Two Eye Jack Breeding

"Rowdy Blue Cobalt"  2017 Blue Roan Stallion - 93.48% NFQHA  EE/aa - cannot throw red based foals.  Standing in 2020 for $450 to a limited number of mares.  Live Cover Only.

"Rowdy Blue Cobalt" 2017 Blue roan colt - our future stallion. 93.48% NFQHA, EE/aa - cannot throw red based foals.  He will be standing in 2020 for $450 to a limited number of mares.

Reference Stallions:  All Sires of our brood mares

Mr. Lil Blue Tom "LT" - Homozygous black and roan

Smart Chic O'lena

Colonels Lil Remedy



Tuff Little Drifter

Smokum Blue Hancock

Leaguer to the Max

"Bunnys Hickory Acre"

"Claytons Romeo Drift"

I'm  a Big Leaguer


Kid Clu

MJM Rowdy Plentyblue