⦁ Certified organic ⦁ 100% Grass-fed* ⦁ Humanely raised ⦁ No animal byproducts ⦁ No antibiotics or hormones ⦁ Certified human treatment ⦁ Individually frozen and vacuum-packed ⦁ Product of South Carolina, USA

We sell 100% grass fed, certified organic beef raised on our farm.
We believe that the healthiest meat comes from cattle that are both grass-fed and organic. Ours only eat the pasture and grasses they were meant to eat. Because their bodies aren’t stressed by grain, the cattle are healthier and the meat is leaner, has more good fats and nutrients, and tastes better.


The meat is also healthier because the cattle are organic. They aren’t given growth hormones, antibiotics or other harmful medications, or sprayed with pesticides. They eat the native grasses and plants that grow naturally on the farm, not from GMO seeds. Their food has no herbicides, the soil is fertilized naturally, not by petroleum based fertilizers.
Our farm is sustainable. We have a small herd because we don’t want to stress the farm’s land and water; the cattle are fed only what we raise on the farm and drink from natural spring fed water sources.
The meat is processed at a small USDA organic facility where it is aged from 12 to 16 days, vacuum sealed and frozen as soon as it is cut. We sell the meat as sides or whole and it is packed the way you wish it to be and in the size packages you need.  You pick it up when it is processed and ready at the local meat processing plant.


Meat usually has to be pre-ordered, although at times we have some meat available. We advise people to contact us well in advance to get the meat when you would like it.

Order in advance and we will give you a date of when the cow will be ready for pick-up at Northwest Meats.

* Local Pickup; Sorry No Shipping.


Half cow - hanging weight x $7 per pound

Whole cow - $6 per pound hanging weight.   Most of the cows weigh between 600 and 800 hanging weight.

Thriving without antibiotics, hormones, vaccinations, pesticides, or chemical wormers.  Our rotational grazing program ensures the animals dine on "salad bar fresh" green grass all summer. Research shows animals harvested from actively growing grass often produce the highest quality, most nutritious meats.  Careful grazing management, nature's miracle herb garlic, & trace mineral supplements like kelp all contribute to producing delicious and healthy meats for your family.



Each animal is humanly and carefully harvested at Northwest Processors in Hodges, SC, a USDA-certified company. operated by farmers.
To further enhance its tenderness and flavor, the meat is dry-aged for minimum of two weeks before being cut, vacuum-sealed, and quick-frozen to preserve its incredible quality.

Our premium quality beef is a unique cross between two distinct breeds:

⦁ Angus – An heirloom, grass-adapted strain of the Scottish breed 
⦁ Herford  -- Another Scottish breed known for their early maturity and fattening ability


Beef is an inherently healthful food, rich in protein, iron, and minerals.
And our exclusively grass-fed, Organic Beef offers a healthier – and far more eco-friendly – alternative to conventional, grain-fed beef.
Compared with grain-fed beef, our pasture-fed beef is richer in at least three key nutrients:
⦁ Omega-3 fatty acids. It provides almost six times more than grain-fed beef, and offers an optimal ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids. See “Basic facts about omega-3s and beef”, below.
⦁ Beta-carotene (pro-vitamin A) – an antioxidant that gives its fat a yellow-orange cast.
⦁ Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) – an unsaturated fat that appears to promote healthy weight and metabolism.


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