Bo is a 4 year old Welsh blue roan mare.  Very sweet little horse.  Been used mainly for pulling carts but does ride.  Needs some finish work but would make a great kid's pony.  Stands about 12.2 hands but stout enough for an adult rider.  $1800 OBO


"Aregorn" is an 11 year old champagne gelding with a palomino gene making him white with green eyes.  He has been ridden by a now 80 year old man for the past 9 years and is good on trails.  He has decided to sell him and give up riding.  Very quiet gelding and experienced trail horse.  He has been through a couple Ed Dabney Clinics and one desensitizing clinic.  Good solid feet; should never need shoes.  14.2 hands, 1100 pounds.  $2000 obo  Champagne AQHA mare - his dam

Palomino Regis. Morgan - his sire


Miley - 6 year old Welsh/Quarter mare.  Been used in summer camp, on trails, in parades, etc.  14 hands, easy keeper, good strong hooves - should never need shoes (she does have them on her fronts now because they required them for the 30 mile endurance ride at Biltmore this month.  Been through two Clinton Anderson clinics.  Crosses creeks, great in traffic, has worked cows.  Would make a very good barrel horse if trained as she is very quick and can turn on a dime.  Currently used as a lesson/trail horse.   We would give her to a student but they would have to agree to board her with us for a year to make sure she is a good fit for them.  $195 a month - The board does not include lessons.  She is entered in the 50 mile endurance ride next month at Biltmore.


Selling this Arabian mares - Conditioned LD miles on mountain trails, traffic safe 15 hands, 8 years old and registered.  Riding up to 16 miles with heart rate dropping to normal within a couple minutes.  Entered in the 50 mile ride at Biltmore next month - she finished 11th out of 63 starting.

This gelding, 15 hands, and one Regis. Morgan mare, 15 hands are bothl FREE but have to be boarded on our farm.  They are good trail horses.  They lease out for $195 each per month and that covers everything but the farrier - Both have good strong feet and can be kept barefoot.  They are yours FREE as long as you pay the board and you can ride as often as you like.  Does not include tack but you can use ours until you find some of your own.  We will cover the farrier as long as we can use them for trail horses on occasion if you are not riding them. 


We stand behind each horse we sell and will do our best to advertise them honestly. We strongly recommend that you ride the horse at least 3 times before you make a decision.   We appreciate your interest and look forward to hearing from you.